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10 Good Things: what’s been making me happy this month

10 Good Things: what’s been making me happy this month

Happy Halloween everybody! And with that, October is finished. It’s gone by in a bit of a blur to be honest. I always feel like this time of year whizzes by, and this month was no exception. It’s a been a busy few weeks and I’m looking forward to November being a bit more settled, sane and I guess ‘normal’.

October was a rollercoaster month for sure - it’s been emotionally up and down and a lot has been going on! It’s been a funny time because the initial excitement of moving is starting to wear off a bit and we are settling into just doing ‘life’ here. With that comes a wave of homesickness and missing everyone back home. But also routine, a home for the next few months and the reassuring knowledge that a regular pay-cheque is making its way into my bank account.

We ended September with (yet another) home move, followed by a visit from my brother and his girlfriend. We all took a trip down to Margaret River, which is a beautiful winery region a few hours drive south from Perth. We saw amazing beaches and tasted LOTS of wine, and it was great to see familiar faces and take a few days away. After that I started a new job contract for the next six months and with that came a bit of normality (which really helped me feel settled - you can read all about that here!).

Something I am trying to do more is regularly take a pause and reflect, and the end of each months seems like a great time to look back and appreciate all the stuff that went right. I think I’m not alone in my tendency to always be looking ahead. It’s so rare that we stop and notice all the little things that are bringing us joy in our everyday.

One of my absolute favourite posts to read from other bloggers are the little everyday things that are making them happy, so here’s mine.

10 good things that have made everyday that little bit sweeter.

  1. The Great British Bake Off. For those days that London feels every one of its 9,000 miles away, a bit of english TV really takes the edge off the homesickness. Plus Australian TV is AWFUL.

  2. Booking our wedding venue! After being engaged for what feels like millenia (okay, 10 months) we finally ticked something off the list and got a date in the diary and a reception venue booked. Call us impatient (I prefer spontaneous) we booked the first (and only) venue that we saw. What can i say - when you know, you know!

  3. Korean avocado face masks – if you haven’t seen already from my insta stories I am kind of obsessed with these sheet masks! Some face masks react with my skin and make it burn but not this one – it feels silky soft and super moisturised. Not bad for $4!

  4. Getting back into yoga. After an unintentional yoga hiatus I am back to practising regularly - I even found a new studio which I LOVE (which is no small feat seeing as I tested about five studios out in London before settling on ‘the one’). If i can’t get to class though I’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene at home - if you haven’t heard of her before go and check her out! She is my absolute fave.

  5. Caramel Koalas. If you are Australian and I offended you with number one, hopefully I can redeem myself now. You can’t get them in the U.K but basically they are like a Freddo but koala shaped AND filled with caramel. Yum.

  6. This Cath Kidston hand sanitiser - before you think I’m totally insane for putting a hand sanitiser on my list hear me out. It smells divine, doesn’t leave your hands all sticky and look how pretty the packaging is! I initially picked it up at the airport for our flight but have found I’ve used it almost daily - I carry it everywhere I go.

  7. Listening to the Call Your Girlfriend Podcast. I love this podcast which is basically two best friends chatting about current events, feminism, body posi and lots of other cool stuff. It’s brightening up my commute every day. In particular there’s one episode about moving to a new city which has been sooo useful to me in the last month!

  8. The beautiful evening skies on my way home. Looking out at the sun setting over the water on my train home is just a daily little pick-me-up that I couldn’t not put on the list!

  9. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. I loved this movie so much- it’s quirky, fun, and light-hearted. A perfect Friday-night-in-with-a-facemask-film.

  10. These French Connection t- shirts – I am a t-shirt and jeans girl through and through so the perfect fitting T really makes me so happy. They aren’t too clingy, nicely fitting and not at all see through. I LOVE them.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s happy list - to stay up to date with new posts you can subscribe to sugar and stripes on Bloglovin’ or follow me on Instagram!

Amy x

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