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10 Good Things : what's been making me happy this November

10 Good Things : what's been making me happy this November


Hello December! And just like that, it’s that time of year again.

I wish I could say that it’s beginning to look a lot Christmas, but to tell the truth I feel COMPLETELY thrown by the fact that the sun is shining, the temperature is hovering at a balmy 28 degrees and I drive along listening to carols on the radio with the air con blasting away.

The fact that nobody else seems perturbed by all the Christmas cards with snowy winter scenes, roaring fires and holly glistening with frost is all the more confusing to a Brit like me. For the first time since I arrived in Australia I feel a strong yearning for home and for a long winter’s evening in my festive pyjamas with a cup of mulled wine to warm my chilly hands.

This month has been one of socialising, slowing down and settling in to life here; a welcome reprieve from the craziness of October. We’ve been lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding, a couple of birthday parties and a few other evenings out with friends. My fiancé finally started his new job, and my sister and her boyfriend have also landed in Perth after travelling in South East Asia.


As an introvert this much fun on the agenda would normally make feel like a weekend alone in a cabin somewhere. But as our Monday to Fridays have started to take on a routine and for the first time in a long time, we have spent a whole month without moving house, life is starting to feel a bit more balanced. The pace of life here in Perth is noticeably slower than our hectic schedules in London and as a result I’m feeling more relaxed and rested than I’ve been in ages; it’s nice to slow down.

In my October happy list I wrote about how I wanted to take a pause at the end of every month and notice all the the small things that brought a little bit of joy to my everyday. So here they are…


10 good things that have made everyday that little bit sweeter

  1. Skin food Mud Masque. As you’ve probably seen on my instagram I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with face masks as of late. I just could never find one before that agreed with my skin, which is simultaneously dry and prone to breakouts (yay!) but this one works like a dream. I’ll be doing a full review of this and my other favourite natural skincare products soon!

  2. Skyping my friends back home - between the eight hour time difference and busy schedules, it’s not always easy find a good moment to chat to friends back in England. But it’s worth scheduling time to speak to my besties (even if it’s weeks in advance). At times it feels hard being in a new place when you’re always surrounded my new faces, so talking to those people who I’ve known for years never fails to make me feel a little less homesick and a bit more like myself.

  3. Having a bit of space from my phone - as I wrote about in my last blog post I’ve recently been taking more time offline and limiting how much time I spend on social media, especially first thing in the morning. It’s really had a positive impact on both my mood and productivity levels - definitely a small thing that’s made me a bit happier this month.

  4. Chill hop mixes on YouTube - Chillhop’s relaxed beats are the perfect playlist to just about everything. I put them on in the background when I’m cooking, commuting or doing some writing; it’s my ideal concentration music.

  5. Weekend walks on the beach - it’s not quite swimming weather yet in WA, so one of our favourite weekend pastimes at the moment is grabbing a flat white and taking it for a stroll down one of Perth’s many amazing beaches; I’ve always dreamt of living near the ocean so this is always a pinch-me moment!

  6. Cactus Flower candle from Adairs - one of the first things I bought for my new room was this amazing smelling soy wax candle; call me high maintenence but I can’t live without a scented candle for very long! It sits on my bedside table and I’ve been lighting it almost every evening when I’m winding down for the day.

  7. Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr. I’ve been dipping in and out of this book for a few weeks now and I don’t want it to be finished! It’s very readable and I love Doerr’s atmospheric style of writing; this book completely transports me one of my favourite cities in the world.

  8. Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix. If you liked Chef’s Table you’ll adore this new food show. Samin Nosrat, a chef and food writer travels around the world exploring each part of what makes food delicious and discovering different regional delicacies, ingredients and techniques. She is a wonderful presenter, the cinematography is stunning and you feel like you’ve travelled around the world without leaving your living room; I LOVED it.

  9. Oh So Mint - it’s been a while since I discovered a new blog that I love and this one is giving me serious home envy; Chelsea’s interiors are oh so pretty!

  10. Stretching - I have a tendency to get a really stiff back so a healthy habit I’ve been trying to keep up is stretching every evening. Last month I wrote about the importance of taking time for self-care in times of transition, and this is one thing that helps me to take care of myself every day! I like to follow along to a video on YouTube - either my favourite Blogilates stretch routine or a more relaxing video, depending on my mood.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s happy list - to stay up to date with new posts you can subscribe to sugar and stripes on Bloglovin’ or follow me on Instagram.

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