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My ‘cabin-bag only’ capsule wardrobe

My ‘cabin-bag only’ capsule wardrobe

I’m not what they call a light packer; in fact the words ‘hand-luggage only’ used to fill me with dread.

But after countless trips to Europe in the last few years, I feel like I've finally perfected the art of squeezing a week’s worth of outfits in a tiny case. 

So when my mum proposed we spend five days in Sicily, in the middle of spring, I knew that my new-found packing skills were going to come into their own. As the weather was very changeable (think hot sunny middays and cold breezy evenings) I knew that layers would be key. We were also doing a lot of sightseeing, relaxing and travel so I opted for a casual wardrobe of t-shirts, jeans and comfy shoes as well as a a couple more dressy pieces for the evening.

In my experience, it’s best to pack clothes that you’re normally comfortable wearing, even if they take up a teeny bit more space. So I didn’t veer far from my normal colours of navy, light pink and grey teamed with more neutral colours. And of course, denim.

I did end up packing a few too many pieces (as per usual) so this is a refined capsule wardrobe of what I actually wore. I’ll be saving this one away for future trips!  

srub copy copy copy 2.jpg

This is what I packed for 5 days in Italy…

I wanted to pack items that matched and were interchangeable based on the weather, and in the end these pieces all went really well together.

It was the perfect packing list for those places where you get five seasons in one day!

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