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How to make custom Instagram Story highlight covers

How to make custom Instagram Story highlight covers

I’ve had a few people asking me how I made the customs icons on my Instagram profile. And it is SO easy once you know how.

So I thought I’d do a short + sweet guide on how to make your own highlight covers that either fit in with your branding, or just bring a bit more personality to your profile!


I like to use Adobe Spark Post as I find it really user friendly and it can be used on both desktop or on your phone via the app.

You can also use Canva to do this but I find Adobe Spark a bit more user friendly and it’s completely free to use all the functionality whereas Canva may charge you for certain things. But if you do already use Canva for other things, then I would refer to this guide instead!

I’m going to show you how to create the custom icons using the app on my IPhone.

How to make Insta Story highlight covers (custom icons)

Step 1 - Download the Adobe Spark Post app to your phone and open it up. Then either register or log in to your account (if you already have an Adobe ID).

Step 2 - You will now be on the Templates page, click on the big green + at the bottom to create a new design.

step 1.jpg

Step 3 - A few different choices will pop up - click the top option ‘Solid Colour’.

step 2.jpg

Step 4 - Choose your background colour

If you want a specific colour (for example, one that ties in with your branding) then click on the little toggles to enter a custom colour code.

colour code.jpg

Adobe spark uses HEX colour codes, so I converted my HSL numbers (from Squarespace) using this converter.


Step 5 - Select the Size of your design as ‘Instagram Story’ and click ‘Done’.

Get rid of the Adobe logo in the bottom corner by selecting it and hitting delete.


Step 6 - Delete the text that appears by clicking in to the field and selecting ‘Delete’ at the bottom.

delete text.jpg

Step 7 - Add your custom icon by going to the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the screen and selecting ‘Add Icon’.


Step 8 - Search for your custom icon using the search bar. I wanted to make an Insta story highlight for all my reading content so I just searched for Book’ and chose the one I liked!


Step 9 - Edit your Custom Icon.

Click into the icon and tweak its size, colour, placement etc. I chose a custom colour for my icon using the same process as in Step 5. Then click ‘Done’.


Step 10 - Save the image to your camera roll. Go to ’My Posts’ (in the top left hand corner) and from there you can save the design to your camera roll.


Select ‘Save Image’’ to save the design to your photos.


The next stage is to upload your design as your custom icon within Instagram

You have two options at this point:

  1. Create a new Highlight (you can check out a guide on how to create Instagram Story highlights here); or

  2. Add a cover to an existing Highlight

I am assuming that if you want to create some custom icons, you probably already have some highlights on your profile!

Here is how to add a cover to an existing Insta Story highlight:

Step 11 - Go to your Instagram profile and click on the Insta story highlight you want to create a cover for

go to your insta profile.jpg

Step 12 - Once in the highlight, go to the bottom left hand corner and click ‘More’.

click on the 'more' button once in your highlight.jpg

Step 1 3 - Select the option ‘Edit Highlight’.

select edit highlight.jpg

Step 14 - select ‘Edit Cover’.

select edit cover.jpg

Step 15 - click on the icon below to access your camera reel and find the Spark Post design that you previously saved as an image in your photos.

choose the image you want for the cover.jpg

Step 16 - Reposition the image so that the icon fits nicely in the middle of the frame, and/or zoom in so that it’s the perfect size.


Step 17 - When you’re happy, click ‘Done’.

And VOILA you now have a beautiful custom icon for your Insta story. You can do the same for each highlight so that you have a lovely uniform look to your Instagram profile!

Thanks for reading my short + sweet guide to making custom insta story highlight covers. If you enjoyed this week’s post, please leave it some love in the comments!

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