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My trip home: a bucket list for 3 weeks in England

My trip home: a bucket list for 3 weeks in England

I never thought I’d be dreaming of grey skies, pubs and the BBC but here I am, 7 hours and 9 minutes (not that I’m counting) from getting on the plane to England, frantically packing my hand luggage for the long journey and thinking of all the things I’m looking forward to over the next couple of weeks.

It’s been an amazing eight months so far in Perth, but it’s so true that moving to another country makes you truly appreciate all the things that make home ‘home’. I’m flying back to Heathrow via Dohar and although I’m not really looking forward to 20 plus hours on a plane, I am still so excited to finally land back in Blighty.

Here’s what I am looking forward to the most..

A hug from my mum

Because nothing beats a cuddle from your mum does it?

A proper cuppa tea

Preferably PG Tips. With a biscuit or two. In my fave mug.

Buying booze in the supermarket

I have zero idea why you can’t buy alcohol in a supermarket here but I find it highly and disproportionately annoying (first world problems eh?). Popping a bottle of Sainsbury’s pinot grigio in the trolley while doing the food shop will feel like a luxury!

To feel like I am in the right season


The Shopping

Replenishing my M&S knicker collection is very high up on the agenda. As is a mooch in a topshop. And a browse in Boots. Because nothing beats the british high street.

Seeing my home country from a new perspective

Having lived abroad before (as an adult) I am intrigued to see how England looks after almost a year in Australia.

People knowing what the F I am saying

 Although we do apparently speak the same language (jury’s still out on that one) people still struggle to understand my ‘very london’ accent. Not sure what a very ‘london accent’ is but apparently it’s v hard to understand.

Television, all the Television

 Ideally a BBC drama whilst snuggled up in a blanket. I never appreciated how good engligh tellie was until I moved to Australia. And sampled the delights of TV down under, which utterly dire. I mean, really awful. Even worse than French TV. And that’s saying something non?

A long and probably rainy dog walk

 Don’t get me wrong, the never-ending sunshine is lovely. BUT sometimes you just want to get all cosy in big jumper, some wellies and a scarf and feel that chilly wind blow the cobwebs away.

Seeing my friends in real life

Because skyping is okay (and better than nothing) but it’s just not the same. I want to hang out with my girlfriends in real life: without juggling time zones, wi fi or busy schedules. 

Some proper english complaining/sarcasm/dry humour/tutting in queues

Because everyone here is just too darn happy. Must be all that sunshine. I want some dry wit, complaining about the weather and eye rolling in a post office line please.

Snuggling in a duvet

One thing I am really missing at the moment is being all warm and cosy. I’ve not needed a duvet since the end of October. So first thing on the agenda is to make myself a human burrito.

 Driving without a Sat Nav

Yep, one of the worst things about moving from your home town, to a new city with apparently zero memorable landmarks and many suburbs that all look the same, is getting lost.  It will be so lovely to just leave the house without my phone and not end up having a panic attack in a supermarket car park because I can’t remember my way home (yep, that happened).

A hot bath

After no baths for EIGHT MONTHS (I have showered) I am sooooo excited for a long bubble bath preferably with a lush bath bomb, my fave playlist in the background and a face mask on. Apparently baths are not very big in Oz so I am happy to return to England where my love of a good soak doesn’t seem so strange!

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