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Shop Small: My Christmas Gift Guide

Shop Small: My Christmas Gift Guide

I am an out-and-proud gift giver; I absolutely love giving presents.

 Thinking long and hard about what that person might like, searching far and wide for the perfect gift and then selecting thoughtfully chosen and colour-coordinated wrapping paper to package it up perfectly; it’s all so fun to me.

In recent years though I’ve found myself getting more and more upset at how commercial Christmas has become. And how much shopping for numerous family members and friends can take over the whole holiday season until it’s more stressful than enjoyable.

It can suck all the fun out of December and the joy of giving good gifts; instead you look mournfully at your dwindling bank balance, panic-buy boxes of Lindt and (if you’re anything like me) find yourself on Christmas eve on a spiced-latte fuelled supermarket sweep to find a pair of socks for that uncle/dad/cousin/brother you COMPLETELY forgot to buy for.

It’s tempting to completely pack it all in and declare NO PRESENTS EVER AGAIN. But I believe there is a happy medium; a middle ground between a wholly commercial Christmas and one filled with meaningful gifts for the people you love.

And I think one way to find that balance is to shop small.

The other day something popped up on my Instagram that re-affirmed by commitment to shopping small at Christmas time. The post (by @deliciousmonstertea) was all about ‘double-gifting’. She explained how when we buy Christmas presents from an independent creative we are actually giving twice; once to the recipient of the gift, and once to the small business owner.

Where we put our money matters; we have the power to support small businesses and independent creatives through our choice of gifts.

Whether you are buying from an independent creative selling on Etsy, an up-and-coming sustainable label or a small online boutique, when you shop small you know you’re money is going into something good.            

New Beginnings Necklace / Bon Lux Soy Candle / Galaxy Gold Foil Notebook / Lucy & Yak Pinafore Dress / Oranges & Lemons Print

I picked a few favourites above, but honestly there are so many amazing small businesses making such beautiful and unique products it’s hard to pick out just a few.

So here’s what on my wish-list this year…

Just click on the image to shop!

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