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10 Good Things for March

10 Good Things for March

Hey peeps!

Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been more than a few weeks since my last blog post, and after blogging regularly for a while it feels like absolutely AGES since I wrote anything.

Life has a been crazy as of late, and come February I just felt completely overwhelmed and knew that taking some time off the blog was the best thing for me. Fast forward a month later and here I am: refreshed, renewed and raring to get going again!

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The last couple of months have truly been crazy and at times it’s felt like an avalanche of life admin that just.never.ends.

We’ve been house hunting, finalising our visa paperwork and planning our wedding (more on that here!). But we can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’re almost ready to hit submit on our spousal visa application, the big wedding things are all ticked off and we’re in the process of completing on a new house. I’m also off to the UK next week for a trip back home to see friends and family. I can’t believe we’ve been here for eight months time flies!

But despite the craziness there’s been tons of good changes happening too.

So to kick things off I thought I’d compile my happy list for March. I haven’t done one of these since I looked back over 2018, so a few things from last month may have also sneaked in.

So here’s what’s been making me happy recently..

  1. Planning my week

    Planning my week out every Monday is a small thing that has been making big changes in my life lately.

    Up until now I’ve been using my phone as my diary but it wasn’t really working for me.

    So I decided that it was time to go back to paper again, and you know what - it’s a COMPLETE game-changer.

    I was going to make 2019 the year I start a bullet journal, but then I decided that seemed like a bit of a faff and I’d do a weekly check-in as an alternative (kudos to all you guys out there making beautiful weekly spreads complete with hand-penned illustrations though, I wish I was that sort of person).

    At the start of each week I print off a weekly calendar (I use this minimalist weekly planner) and fill in any important appointments, a master to-do list and any chores that need to get done.

    Sometimes I include a vague meal plan or some ideas for week-night dinners.

    Then, each morning I just have a quick look at agenda, move across a couple of things from my weekly to-do list (to be ticked off that day) and add anything new.

    And that’s it! Super simple but so effective.

    It’s amazing how a teeny bit of organisation can really make the whole week run smoothly. Just dedicating 10 minutes every Monday to life-planning has made a huge difference!

  2. The perfect Jeans

    I’ve been on the hunt for some new jeans for ages and finally found some that fit like a dream! I love these cropped skinny jeans from Decjuba (as I’m only 5”2 they fit me like a regular jean). They’re skinny on the leg but not too clingy, a great colour and suuuuuper comfy. I can see these ones becoming a wardrobe staple.

  3. Discovering some binge-worthy shows

    I am always on the lookout for new TV shows to get hooked on and recently there’s been loads of new shows that I can’t get enough of. I’ve just watched the entire season of Workin’ Moms on Netflix in a weekend because it was just SO funny and easy to watch. We’ve also been catching up with Killing Eve on ABC iView and we are absolutely hooked. It’s been out for a while but somehow has completely passed me by until now. I’ve also just started Narcos Mexico on Netflix which is equally binge-worthy as the original. I’m going to make sure I’ve downloaded the whole season before my long flight home! If you have any other recommendations please leave them in the comments below..

  4. Wedding Stuff!

    Everyone warned us about how stressful planning your wedding is, but compared to buying a house it’s honestly been a lovely distraction! Now it’s just over 8 months until the big day, we’ve been getting some big things ticked off the list and I’ve battled through the *very* stressful jobs of picking flowers, finding a photographer and browsing Pinterest for favour ideas. As somebody who loves a) organising and b) all things girly I can safely say I am LOVING wedding planning.

  5. Looking forward to my trip back to England

    In a couple of days I’ll be flying home to London for a few weeks and I am really looking forward to being home after months away. I will be spending most of the time in Surrey with friends and family but also having a few days in Sicily with my mum, and I can’t wait. I’m slightly nervous at the thought of a 24 hour flight on my own, but the thought of being at home with a good cuppa, surrounded by familiarity and my friends around the corner makes me so happy!

  6. Seeing my sister in Margaret River

    It’s really hard moving across the world and leaving all your friends and family (obvs) so when I got the chance to drive down South and see my sister in the beautiful region of Margaret River I couldn’t say no.

    We had a lovely few days having catch-ups over coffee, home-cooked dinners in their caravan and exploring hidden coves on this beautiful coastline.

    They say a change is as good as a rest, and those few days away left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the behemoth that is house hunting.

  7. Finding a new favourite author

    In February I devoured The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, and it was SUCH a great read. It’s a coming of age story set against the backdrop of wild Alaska that was just so moving and gripping that I couldn’t stop reading it!

    It’s been a while since I’ve had one those page-turners that you really don’t want to put down so I was excited to find a new author which I love. The Nightingale has gone straight into my Amazon basket.

    My book for March is All the Light We Cannot See and so far it is also excellent too: 2019 is looking like a great reading year..

  8. Having a break from Social Media

    As well as taking some time off the blog I’ve also been a little bit quieter on the Instagram front as I have given up social media (again) for Lent.

    It’s a yearly practice I like to do to re-focus my priorities, have a breather from the mental clutter and have 40 days of peace, calm and clarity.

    I’ve been following some steps that I wrote after last year’s digital detox (you can read them here!!) and so far it’s going really well. I’ve been reading loads more than usual, my productivity has increased and I’m generally feeling a whole lot happier all round. It’s no easy feat going cold-turkey on social media, but I already feel 100 times better for switching off.

    So if you’ve sent me an Instagram DM or commented on my Facebook page then #sorrynotsorry it won’t be seen until Easter rolls around!

  9. Getting back to the Gym

    I always like to take up a healthy habit for Lent as well as give up something. So this year I’ve taken up exercising again. And to make sure I actually do it, I’ve been booking in sessions with a personal trainer once a week and trying out some new classes to stop me getting bored. Having our wedding on the horizon is also great motivation!

    It’s been a while since I stepped foot inside a gym and I’ve actually been really loving it so far. I normally prefer to be outside but the Australian summer has had me inside by a fan for three months (instead of outside burning calories) and I am NOT feeling great for it.

    So I thought it was time I did something about it. It’s only been a couple of weeks but already I feel fitter and more energetic. Definitely something that’s been making me happy over the last few weeks.

  10. Getting excited about (finally) having our own place

Perhaps its the lack of Instagram or facebook or maybe the though of *finally* having our own house, but I have been window shopping home wear like crazy the past few weeks and my Pinterest is definitely filling up with design inspo. After renting for years, I can’t wait to finally put our own mark on a place, and although at this rate we will have approximately ZERO dollars left in our pockets to spend any kind of money on homewear, it’s still fun to dream!

Thanks for reading my March happy list!

I have lots of new content planned over the next couple of months, so make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay in the Loop.


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